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Welcome to your Self-Serve Golf Experience

Why self-serve golf and how does it work?

By making golf a self-serve experience, we can invest more in keeping green fees affordable and ensure that the course is a fun place to play golf.

What is Self-Serve Golf?

There are 5 steps to Self-Serve Golf:

  1. Make a tee time and pay online
  2. Come to Fountain Springs Golf Course when it's your tee time.
  3. Grab a cart or walk to the first hole
  4. Golf!
  5. Park your cart where you got it when you're finished. Leave the keys in the cart, please.

Can I get a raincheck if I have to cut my game short because of weather?

Absolutely! Just email fountainspringsgolf@gmail.com with your first and last name and the date of your tee time. We'll email you back with how to redeem your raincheck.

What if I have a problem on the course like my cart breaks down?

Text 605.342.4653 and someone will come assist you.

You guys have a few dandelions on the course. What's up with that?

We don't like using herbicides. A lot of research is showing that there's a connection between herbicides and some major health problems. So, we just don't use it. That means that there's some dandelions.

Your course doesn't look like a country club. What's up with that?

Yeah. We know. That kind of maintenance requires really expensive green fees. We believe that anyone should be able to experience the joy of golf without going into debt.

Can I set up a tournament for a family reunion or a work thing?

Yeah! Just call or text 605.343.4653

Book a Tee Time


Call (605) 342-4653 for tee times